Chinese Team – Introduction

Prof. Ma Qingyu
E-mail: 13661397269[at]

Ma Qingyu is a professor at the Chinese Academy of Governance. His major areas of expertise are non-profit organizations/social organizations, governance and government reform.
He also holds the following positions: vice president of the China association for promoting social organizations; deputy director of the China Social Organization Assessment Committee; member of the expert advisory committee of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China; consultant member of the China expert committee on urban and rural community development; chief expert of a project on China’s NPOs’ economic scale measurement (2018).
Academic publications: By the end of 2017, Prof. Ma had published more than 150 professional papers. He received the following awards for his research: first prize of the CAG’s excellent scientific research achievements award (2009); first prize of the excellent scientific research achievements award of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China (2011); second prize of the CAG’s excellent scientific research achievements award (2017); special contribution award for Social Sciences by the Chinese government (2016).

Prof. Guan Dongsheng

Guan Dongsheng is director of the Guangdong teaching center of Peking University, director of the Guangzhou/Foshan/Zhongshan Beida Boya social work centre and chairman of the Guangzhou Liwan district Beida Boya children’s centre. In 2016 he was awarded the title “top ten social workers in China”.
He also holds the following positions: chief supervisor of the alumni association of Peking University in Guangdong province; part-time master tutor at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies; member of the expert committee of the China social work federation; vice president of the Guangdong social work society; vice president of the Guangdong medical social work research association; director of the Guangdong provincial social work association; vice president of the ZhuHai social work association; president of the Guangzhou Yuexiu district social work association.
Research focus: regional social service program and policy; development program and management of social service institutions. Editor of: “Innovation and future: the medical social work in Guangdong province on the move”.

Prof. Ma Fuyun
E-mail: mafuyun[at]

Ma Fuyun is a professor at the Chinese Academy of Governance. His research topics include social governance, rural development and social organization management. He graduated from the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. His experiences include the  work in the EU–China training program on village governance of the Social Work Research Center of the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

Prof. Chen Xufeng
E-mail: chenxufeng2008[at]

Chen Xufeng is an associate professor at the Zhejiang Academy of Governance, where he conducts research on urban and rural sociology. After his Bachelor’s degree at Zhejiang University, he received both his Master’s degree and his PhD at Peking University, majoring in Sociology. So far, he has published 50 papers in academic journals, such as “Society”, “Zhejiang Social Sciences”, “Journal of Renmin University of China”, “Southeast Academic Research” and so on. During his study at Peking University, he had been awarded “the top 10 of the 13th graduate group of Peking University”.

Prof. Hu Wei
E-mail: rosehw2002[at]

Hu Wei is an associate professor at the Chinese Academy of Governance. She got her Ph.D. in sociology from Peking University in 2009. She was a visiting scholar at the Brown School of Social Work in WUSTL from 2007-2008, the Swiss Graduate School of Public Administration (Idheap) in 2011, and Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Polyu) in 2006.
Hu’s research focuses on social policy and NGO development in China. In recent years, she presided over the completion of the National Social Science Found—“State Responsibility in Chinese Social Welfare Transition” and published her book about “State Return: Rebalancing the Social Welfare Responsibility Structure”.

Prof. Hu Yinglian

Hu Yinglian is an associate professor at the Chinese Academy of Governance, where he conducts research on social governance and social regulation. He got his LL.B and Ph.D. both at Tsinghua University in Beijing. He once studied at Carnegie Mellon University and Hong Kong University as a visiting scholar. He has rich working experiences at the central and local government in China. He also serves as chief consultant of the national 13th Five Year Plan of Food and Drug Safety.

 Prof. Li Zhiming
E-mail: chihmingli[at]

Li Zhiming is an associate professor at the Department of Social and Cultural Studies at the Chinese Academy of Governance. He received his Ph.D. degree at the School of Labor and Human Resources at Renmin University of China. His current research focuses on social security, social law, and housing policies. His research publications (journal articles, books, etc.) include: “The Historical Development of the Right to Social Insurance: From industrial citizenship to social citizenship”, Sociological Studies, Vol. (4): 221~240, 2012. “The Principle of Self-government in German Social Insurance: historical evolution, reforms and implications”, Chinese Journal of European Studies (Philosophy and Social Sciences), Vol. (4): 109-122, 2012., and so on.

Dr. Mao Peijin
E-mail: maomao_cindy[at]

Mao Peijin is a lecturer at the Chinese Academy of Governance. Her major areas of expertise include nonprofit management, governance and community. After a B.A. in Management and Public Policy at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, she received her M.A. and Ph.D. in Public Management from Tsinghua University, Beijing.

Wang Jing, M.A.

Wang Jing is a lecturer in sociology at the Guangzhou Youth League School. She is also a social worker and a certified national psychological consultant at level 2. She has 11 years of social work experience and is engaged in social work education, social work organization management and practice, social work research and policy as well as social work supervision and assessment.
Research focus: social service policy and planning, social service organization management, etc.