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Project intern completed reports:

Report 2 (9.2.2017) “Local Public Administration and Governance In Comparative Perspective” by Judith Szeili and Annette Zimmer.
T2 Local Government and Administration
The report describes local public administration and social policy in Germany as part of a multilevel setting. The municipalities in Germany are the lowest level of the administration and they are both responsible for implementing policies from higher levels (notably the federal states and the national level) and have some degree of local autonomy in governing their own affairs. One problem is that the number and scope of local tasks is rising, without enhancing available funding.
The municipalities have a long history of collaborating with social organizations, in particular in social service provision. They are important partners who are involved in both policy-making and implementation in a number of ways.

Report 4 (9.2.2017) “Current Migration Trends in Germany” by Danielle Gluns.
T4 Current Migration Trends in Germany
The report outlines the long history of immigration in Germany. The country thus has significant experience with the integration of foreigners in terms of both successful and failed approaches. Currently, the debate on migration and integration focus on the recent arrival of refugees most notably from Syria. This group has made up a large share (37 percent) of incoming migrants in 2016. Even so, the recent immigration of refugees comprises a highly heterogeneous group in terms of countries of origin, legal status, age, education, health etc. This confronts the state and organizations in Germany with significant tasks for finding adequate support structures.

Report 5 (March 2017) “Local Public Administration and Social policy in Germany and China” by Katja Levy
T5 Comparative Report on Local Public Administration and Local Social Policy
Comparative report on local public administration and local social policy with a special eye on the welfare mix and provision of service.

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