Work Packages

The research project is divided into eight work packages that result in six milestones:

Work Package 1: Scientific Management

Work Package 2: Local Public Administration and Governance in Comparative Perspective

⇒ Milestone 1: Comparative Report on local public administration and governance

Work Package 3: Comparative Analysis of selected Policy Fields

⇒ Milestone 2: Comparative Report on education, employment, vulnerable groups, social assistance (incl. legal aid) in the area of integration of migrating populations

Work Package 4: Individual Analyses of selected cities

⇒ Milestone 3: Comparative Report on the traditions and experiences in the policy fields of education, employment, social assistance, rights defense as well as volunteering in the area of integration of migrant populations in the two Chinese and two German Cities

Work Package 5: Selection of Cases

Work Package 6: Mid-Term Workshop in Beijing

⇒ Milestone 4: Conclusion of preparatory phase for field research

Work Package 7: Comparative Case Studies

⇒ Milestone 5: Comparative Report state-SO co-operation in China and Germany

Work Package 8: Dissemination of the research results

Milestone 6: Final results of the project

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