Work Packages

The research project is divided into eight work packages that result in five milestones:

Work Package 1: Scientific Management

Work Package 2: Local Public Administration and Governance in Comparative Perspective

⇒ Milestone 1: Comparative Report on local public administration and governance

Work Package 3: Comparative Analysis of selected Policy Fields

⇒ Milestone 2: Comparative Report on education, employment, vulnerable groups, social assistance (incl. legal aid) in the area of integration of migrating populations

Work Package 4: Individual Analyses of selected cities

Work Package 5: Selection of Cases

Work Package 6: Mid-Term Workshop in Beijing

⇒ Milestone 3: Conclusion of preparatory phase for field research

Work Package 7: Comparative Case Studies

⇒ Milestone 4: Comparative Report state-SO co-operation in China and Germany

Work Package 8: Dissemination of the research results

Milestone 5: Final results of the project

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