The research project aims to contribute to mainly two areas of research: (a) state-society co-operation in public service provision and (b) integration for migrating populations. We are further interested in learning more about the participation of social organizations in the policy formulation (local and central) on social service provision. The results should help to better understand specific countries’ circumstances and, at the same time, allow us to draw conclusions on state-SO co-operation on a more abstract level. These objectives are pursued by identifying and analysing different models of state-SO co-operation, including formal and informal ways of co-operation, and relevant innovations in both countries.

Our main research questions are:

  • Which models of state-SO co-operation and of participation in policy-making can be identified in the policy field of migration in China and Germany?
  • Which models were most successful in China and Germany?
  • How do the selected municipalities develop effective and efficient ways to tackle problems associated with migration in China and Germany?

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