Deliverables/ Internal Documents

Internal Documents

Protocol 1st work meeting

Protocol 2nd work meeting 20170720

WPs and Tasks track 20170720

LoGoSO Midterm Workshop_Protocol

List of Selection Criteria and Field Guide_final

case selection table_181105

Tentative Interview Guides_German Team

Tentative Interview Guides_Chinese Team


Work Package 2
T1 Public Administration System in China
T2 Local Government and Administration in Germany
T3 Migration Trends and Challenges in China
T4 Current Migration Trends in Germany
T5 Comparative Report on Local Public Administration and Local Social Policy

Work Package 3
T6 Policy Report on Education in China
T7 Policy Report on Employment in China
T8 Policy Report on Vulnerable Groups in China (in revision)
T9 Policy Report on Social Assistance in China
T10 Policy Report on Education in Germany
T11 Policy Report on Employment in Germany
T12 Policy Report on Vulnerable Groups in Germany
T13 Policy Report on Social Assistance in Germany
T14 Comparative Policy Report (in revision)

Work Package 4
T15 City Report Guangzhou
T16 City Report Hangzhou
T17 City Report Berlin
T18_City Report Cologne
T19_Comparative City Report

Work Package 5
T20 List of Criteria_Chinese Team
T20 List of Criteria_Chinese Team_revised
T21 List of Criteria_German Team
T22 Field Guide_Chinese Team
T23 Field Guide_German Team

Work Package 7

Education_Kein Abseits_Berlin
Social Assistance_Refugio
Unsuccessfull_Be an Angel
Vulnerable Groups_AWO Frauenberatung
Social Assistance_Auszugsmanagement
Vulnerable groups_Agisra
Education_Beida College
Employment_Superior Power
Social Assistance_GZ Lawyers Association
Unsuccessful_Sanitation Workers
Vulnerable Groups_ Dinghe Social Workers
Education_HZ Net Voluntary Branch
Social Assistance_HZ Lawyers Association
Unsuccessful_Home of Grassroots
Vulnerable Groups_Qidian Yixing