Work Package 4


Duration: 6 months

Activity Type: Review of the Literature / Desk Top Research

The key objective of this part of the research project is to identify cities for the case studies and to give in-depth descriptions of these selected cities with special attention to their particular traditions and experiences in the policy fields of education, employment, social assistance, rights defence as well as volunteering in the area of integration of migrant populations. Work package 4 encompasses

  • an in-depth description and analyses of the policy traditions in general the four cities Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Berlin, Cologne with particular attention to the policy traditions in the fields of education, employment, vulnerable groups and social assistance (incl. legal aid)
  • the cities’ experiences in the area of integration of migrant populations
  • the positioning of each city in the country’s overall policy tradition and integration measures

To conduct individual analyses of the policy traditions, integration measures and overall position of the cities of Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Berlin, Cologne.

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