Work Package 6


Duration: 3 months preparation, few days workshop

Activity Type: Organizational, scientific coordination

The objective of work package 6 is, based on the preparatory work done in the work packages 2 through 5, to guarantee the comparability of the research results of the field research in work package 7, to solve any potential problems of co-operation and/or communication and to end the desk top research phase of the project and prepare to embark on the field research phase.

To discuss and decide on

  • Selection of case studies
  • Interview guideline
  • Criteria of comparability of the cases
  • Criteria of successful cases
  • Criteria of unsuccessful cases
  • Methods of data analysis
  • Formatting questions (data tables, codes, names of variables; format of reports)
  • Update/adjust deadlines
  • Research process in general
  • Co-operation in general
  • Open questions

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