Work Package 8


Duration: 36 months

Activity Type: Coordination/Support

The objectives of this work package are to improve the outcome of the research project by discussing the results with peers and to disseminate the results of the research to different audiences in order to contribute to scientific and societal discourse on social service delivery in China and Germany in general and on state-SO co-operation in the the fields of education, employment, vulnerable groups and social service delivery (incl. rights-defence) in the area of migrant populations’ integration in China and Germany in particular.
The dissemination of the research results will be implemented by the following measures:

  • Constitute a Chinese-German advisory board for the research project
  • Open a website on the research project at the start of the project
  • Present the research project on one or more international academic conferences
  • Organize a concluding conference in Berlin at the end of the research project
  • Publish the research results in compact working papers/policy briefs directed at a wider audience including policy makers
  • Publish an article in an international peer-reviewed journal
  • Publish a book in a renowned academic publishing house

To disseminate the results of the research project in order to contribute to the improvement of social service delivery, the advancement of social governance in China, the better integration of migrant populations in China and Germany, and to promote mutual understanding of the particular situations in the two countries.

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