Report on the LoGoSO concluding workshop at WZB in Berlin

On August 23, 2019, the concluding workshop of LoGoSO project took place at the Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin (WZB) in Berlin. The workshop was one of the three parts of the concluding event of the LoGoSO-Project:

  1. The “Good Life, State and Society Conference” in December 2018: an international academic conference on China’s third sector with all three LoGoSO-Project teams participating
  2. The concluding workshop at WZB on 23 August 2019 with invited experts and interested public: the presentation and discussion of the first drafts of the academic papers resulting from our field studies
  3. A panel at the ARNOVA conference in San Diego in November 2019, where all three LoGoSO-Project teams will present papers resulting from the project to an international academic audience

At the concluding workshop in Berlin, the project teams from Münster and Berlin presented the results of the research in Germany and China and discussed their theoretical considerations for the analysis and comparison of the case studies. Moreover, we shared and discussed the experiences we accumulated during the project duration, to provide some insights on the context for the research results.

Several experts, among them Prof. Dr. Holger Backhaus-Maul, University Halle-Wittenberg, and Matthias Stepan, Mercator Institute for China Studies, commented on the presentations and gave valuable feedback and impulse for the processing and further development of the project results.